Tips When in Traveling to Thailand

If you are planning a trip to Thailand you have quite a few options when it comes to booking a hotel. Along with hotels, you can also stay at guesthouses or hostels. Prices can be drastic though and it really is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a hotel unless you are looking for a 5 star resort.

Hotel prices are generally cheaper in Thailand than compared to the west. You can however spend a lot of money on a 5 hotel if that is what you wish. Generally though, prices are around 40% less on average and in some places out of major cities, you can expect to pay 60-70% less than in the west.

High and Low Season

In the touristy areas though, like in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, prices will be generally higher and often will vary depending on high or low season. High season is usually from October to January in Thailand and the weather is usually the best around that time.

Before you leave for Thailand, the best thing you can do is only book a hotel for 2-3 nights. Don’t book your whole trip. The reason for this is that things can change when you are there. For example you might want to stay another night in Bangkok, and if you have a hotel booked for Pattaya the next day, you won’t be able to cancel.


Hotel Policies to Consider Regarding Guests

One other thing to consider is the type of hotel you book too. If you are traveling with a partner, there is no problem, just be sure to include “2 persons” in the booking. If you are a solo traveler and think you might want to bring someone to your room that you meet, you need to be aware of additional charges, typically called joiner fees. In this case you’ll want to look at the best Thailand guest friendly hotels to choose from, where they will allow you to have an unregistered guest without additional charge.

When booking your hotel, make sure you look at the different rooms that are available in the hotel. Read the description carefully because some may only be a fan room indicating there is no air conditioning. In Thailand, you want AC. A fan room will just not cut it unless you are lucky to have cooler temps which is an anomaly in Thailand.

Check in Times

Similar to other hotels around the world, Thailand hotel check in times are pretty strict. In some cases you might be able to check in early, but they might charge you an additional fee, usually around 500 baht.  In many cases that’s about half the cost of your room, so highly not worth it. The good thing is is that most hotels will gladly hold your bags for you until check in, so you can take in the sights while waiting for your room to be ready.

Compare Prices and Read Reviews

When you are ready to book, make sure you compare prices of the same hotel among other hotel sites and even at the hotel’s booking site. It seems most hotels that are not large hotel chains simply rely on hotel sites to manage the booking for them and if they have their own site the prices might be higher. Always check just to be sure.

Reviews are very important but don’t be put off by a bad review or two. These days people are just too sensitive and need to protest. However, if you see the same complaints over and over from different people, then there could be some truth to that. Check the dates though, as it could be an old problem and may be addressed with the hotel.

Following these simple guidelines can make your stay an enjoyable one. Just be smart about it and be prepared.


Top Travel Tips from The Online Luggage Shop

Traveling is one of the great experiences and joys of life. To leave behind your everyday existence, the daily routine that you have become so accustomed to for who knows how many years, is one of the most liberating things you can do.

Here are tips from the Online Luggage Shop to help you get the most out of your experience –


Traveling is an opportunity to relax, to set aside a strict diet or exercise regime in place of sampling the local cuisine, and enjoying long walks of the various tourist sites and attractions,


As you are usually more active when you’re traveling, be sure to drink plenty of water, just make sure it is of the bottled variety, if you are outside the United States,




Before you know it your trip will be over and you will get on your way back to work, so relax and enjoy every little bit of it.



Tips On Choosing A Good Hotel For Your Trip

Are you going on a vacation in a few months? Then, you shouldn’t forget to book your hotel room ahead of time so that you won’t have to worry about it once you get to your destination. You want to make the most out of your trip instead of wasting time shopping for hotels once you get there. Plus, not making your booking ahead of time might cost you more money because a lot of hotels nowadays give discounts to people who book their rooms ahead of time. This is particularly true to hotels that allow bookings online.

The first tip that you need to keep in mind when choosing a hotel would be to check whether they allow for advanced bookings. Hotels that allow you to book a room online will more often than not offer discounts. Those are the types of hotels that you need to look for. Next, make sure that the hotel that you’re going to stay in is situated near the places where you want to go to so that you won’t have to spend a lot of time of time and money on commuting. This will help you to make the most out of your trip.

Check out the rooms of