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It’s been a long time coming, a trend on the rise.  The All Inclusive Packages

They can be a rip-off or they can be a blessing, money and time saver. So what’s all the hype behind all inclusive resorts and hotels?

All inclusive means All inclusive. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This concept has been here for ages, operated by cruise liners all around the world. But only recently ( the past 10 years ) have hotels taken this idea and made it their own.

Customers and travelers like the idea, because they can set a budget and know that they don’t need to spend another dime. On the other side, restaurants in the area don’t like the idea because it is taking away so much business. I was recently talking to a restaurant operator and he told me that tourists only go to his pub for 1 or 2 beers because they can have all the food and drinks they want, even alcoholic drinks and champagne.