You haven’t really tried Korean food until you’ve tasted it in South Korea’s capital city. Today we’re counting down our picks for the must try dishes in Seoul. We’re looking at some of the city’s most popular and mouth-watering dishes. These are some of the most iconic preparations in the city, but we’re really just scratching the surface of what Souls culinary scene has. Has to offer so don’t hesitate to get even more adventurous when you’re actually there.


This is one of the Korean dishes to a found the greatest popularity in North American cities. Why because it’s healthy and oh so versatile peeve in bat breaks down into Bibim which literally means a mixture of different ingredients and Bap the word for Rice traditionally. This rice bowl is served with cucumber radish mushrooms seaweed spinach and bean sprouts among other ingredients, but every cook put their own spin on it. Protein is then typically added to the top like tofu chicken seafood or beef. In Seoul in keeping with the South Korean preparations. There will almost certainly be sesame seeds and oil added as well as the all-important red pepper paste, Gochujang. A fried egg is another common addition making this one hearty meal that delivers both in terms of flavor.


Unlike our previous entry, this particular dish is likely to be a new one too many Western palates in Seoul. However, it’s easily one of the most popular Street Foods at a glance. It might look a little like sausages but those are technically cylindrical rice cakes just not rice cakes, like Western eaters are accustomed to they’re actually closer to Italian yucky or polish Kappa dumplings in terms of the preparation style. There are a number of ways to serve the dish but in Soul, you’ll most commonly find the rice cakes swimming in a spicy sweet red sauce in the good company of scallions fish cakes and egg just be careful because Soul street food vendors like to serve it extra spicy


This is often mistaken for sushi and to be fair. This dish is working with many of the same elements as the Japanese delicacy, but try to approach it with a fresh palette and open mind because the flavor profile is notably different and thinking of it simply as Korean Sushi as many people do is setting yourself up for disappointment.

Also spelled game pop with a G instead of a K. This dish consists of rice wrapped in seaweed paper game, but instead of raw fish gimbap is usually Filled with cooked meat or strips of omelet along with some vegetables other compact feeling you wouldn’t typically see in sushi includes well cheese ham and canned tuna and kimbap is inherently cheap a quick and easy meal for people on the go or to be served at picnics.

Korean Fried Chicken

The Southern United States might be the first place that comes to mind when you think of fried chicken done to perfection, but we’d like to submit Korean Fried Chicken for your consideration because it is ever finger-licking good. What makes Korean Fried Chicken also referred to simply as chicken spelled chi-i-kin is its divinely crispy breading which is a result of it being double-fried.

The breading is notably lighter than Western Fried Chicken. You can get Korean chicken served plain like in the United States, but it’s also very popular to have it covered in a sweet and spicy sauce after it comes out of the fryer a preparation style known as Yang Jung and yes, the term Korean Fried Chicken does abbreviate to KFC which is pretty funny and Zone right for the classic pairing of Korean fried chicken and beer asked for GMAC.


Quick to prepare easy to eat and delicious bulgogi is one of Korea’s greatest gifts to Foodies around the world. The dish is straightforward thinly sliced strips of beef that are marinated and then quickly grilled or pan-fried though. The former preparation method is far more common as for the marinade it usually consists of soy sauce.

Garlic sesame oil ginger and scallions as with most popular dishes in Seoul each vendor or restaurant is going to give it their own unique spin. It’s commonly served with a side of lettuce in which to wrap the meat or rice in a sit-down restaurant setting bulgogi will often be presented with a variety of sides but more on that in a bit.


We’re focusing primarily on Savory dishes today, but soul is not without its Sweet Treats whole talk is a dough base dessert that feels like a cross between pancakes and donuts. They are typically served with various sweet additions like cinnamon sugar and other popular spreads or sauces though, these add-ons are sometimes treated as toppings more often than not whole talk is filled making for a delightfully satisfying contrast between soft filling and crispy exterior.

They are usually cooked on a griddle, but they can also be fried resulting in a puffier finished product.

This is the sort of dish that we recommend trying from a few different sources while exploring Soul as there is a lot of variety including some with Savory fillings.

Gogigui (Korean BBQ)

Technically, this is more of a preparation style and culinary experience than a dish per se bulgogi which we discussed earlier is actually the most popular type of meat to be included in a Korean barbecue experience, but considering how emblematic Gogigui is of souls culinary landscape. We couldn’t bring ourselves to leave it off. The list. The experience is a DIY one Diner sit around a table top grill and are provided with a variety of meats and vegetables as well. As a number of pickled cooked and fresh sides collectively referred to as Bunch on rice and kimchi are almost always In addition to bulgogi the meat options offered usually include pork chicken and beef short ribs. The whole experience is just a whole lot of delicious fun.


Noodles aren’t typically thought of as light fare but tom yum isn’t your typical week based noodle also known as glass noodles or cellophane noodles tongue me on noodles are super thin and translucent requiring very little time to cook. They’re made from sweet potato starch once they’re cooked. They’re simply dressed with AMI oil and soy sauce and tossed with a variety of stir-fried vegetables and that’s magnificently chewy japchae culturally. It’s a Mainstay at big gatherings, like weddings birthdays and other such holiday meals though it can and often is eaten on its own as a snack or light meal. It also frequently features in the panchan or side dishes of Korean barbecue.


They say that chicken soup is good for the soul but few iterations hit the spot or warm you up quite as effectively as some good tongue Korean ginseng chicken soup. It might go against your natural inclination and despite being a warm dish some get tongue is traditionally served and consumed on the hottest days of the year in keeping with the principle of evil chill which basically means to combat heat with heat the don’t worry.

You can get it year round due to its popularity in terms of preparation a whole young chicken is cleaned and then stuffed with garlic ginseng rice and juba a type of red date and then simmered for hours simple, but delectable who did she gay if you’re Babbling on a budget in Seoul and looking for a hearty meal that will fill you up for a whole day. Look no further than who died she gave today chigae which translates to army stew is exactly the sort of dish that you want to serve to anyone in need of sustenance like the locals living around army bases after the Korean War who developed the recipe using Surplus Army base supplies, what started as a stir-fry dish born of necessity has since evolved into a hugely popular stew that can be jam-packed with a wide variety of ingredients these include but are not limited. Two Korean sausage spam tofu pork instant ramen noodles macaroni rice cakes like those used in Tteokbokki processed cheese scallions garlic chili peppers mushrooms and more. Who did she gave packs a punch with every bite and is utterly unique.