This island nation has it all deeply rooted cultural Traditions ancient shrines and temples lovely Gardens beautiful mountain scenery geishas and tea ceremonies and accommodations that range from Raya cancer acquaintance to ultra-modern Luxurious hotels here are some best places to visit in Japan


Koyasan or Mount Koya is the most important slide in Shingon Buddhism a sect that has been practiced in Japan since 805 when it was introduced by Kobo Daishi. It Remains the headquarters for the sect and the small town that grew up around a temple tourists can get a taste of the monks life here as they are allowed to stay overnight in the temple.


Located west of Okinawa Ishigaki is Japan’s Premier Beach destination and makes a good base to explore the other islands in the young archipelago blast with Japan’s best beaches. It is particularly popular with families since the beach is at few sake and Bizarro or net protected. It does have an exuberant nightlife for visitors who have the energy after a day of beachcombing.


In the mid 19th century Kanazawa was Japan’s fourth largest city built around a grand castle and the Beautiful Garden today, the capital of Ishikawa prefecture continues to cultivate the Arts and contains an attractive. Old Town having escaped bombing during World War II traditional inner-city areas such as nagamachi with it Samurai houses and the Charming Geisha tea house district of Higashi Chaya remain intact and are a joy to wander around.


Hiroshima located on Honshu island is younger than many Japanese cities less than 500 years old but its fate was forever sealed in history on August 6th 1945 when it became the first city in the world to have an atomic bomb dropped on it. Thus the city’s attractions center peace. Peace Park Memorial and Peace Memorial Museum. The city also has attractions that invoke more pleasant thoughts such as Hiroshima castle in the sunken garden of Chicane.


Located on the coast less than an hour from Tokyo. Kamakura was once an important town the seat of a military government that rule Japan for a hundred years today. It’s a relaxed seaside resort. Sometimes called the Kyoto of Eastern Japan because of its many temples and shrines its most famous site is the de but Zoo a huge bronze Buddha statue surrounded by trees, but the town’s ancient Zen temples are equally compelling.


Japan’s most lavishly decorated Shrine in the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu one of the popular places to visit in Japan the national park offers Scenic mountainous Landscapes lakes waterfalls wild monkeys in many hiking trails while stunning scenery is available year-round fall is an especially good time to visit Nick. Oh, that’s when leaves transform the landscape with spectacular bursts of color.


Visitors who long for peace and quiet after the hustling paste of Japan’s big cities may want to head to the tourist town of Takayama where they can experience life in a rural setting located near the northern Japan Alps Takayama is well known for having one of the best preserved old towns in Japan.


Nara once known as hi-ho was the first permanent capital of Japan established in 710. The capital was moved to Nagaoka in 784 when the government was threatened by powerful Buddhist monasteries located less than an hour from Kyoto to seeing Japan’s oldest and largest temples is a popular tourist activity.


Located on Central Honshu Island this city of 1.5 million people is known as the city of 10,000 shrines because it has thousands of Shinto shrines including the top-rated Fushimi Inari Shrine and Buddhist temples Kyoto also is known for its lovely Gardens and the Gion Matsuri Festival are July celebration that is considered one of the best in Japan.


Travelers who like to mingle with people will love Tokyo. The Japanese capitals metropolitan area is the most populous in the world from viewing spring cherry blossoms in traditional Gardens to the fish market at Tuskegee Tokyo Blends the ancient with the new from shrines to karaoke bars or just walking the streets of this hyperactive city can be an energizing experience.